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The world’s finest wattle tannin products

NTE is one of the largest producers of wattle extract in the world. We manufacture a range of wattle-tannin products with applications in the leather, timber, mining, water treatment and agricultural industries. NTE has been a market leader for over a century, and we pride ourselves on products that are prized for consistency and quality. 

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Excellence is our heritage

Over our 100-year history, our products have been designed and developed by highly qualified and experienced technical teams. We are driven to provide consistent quality and complete customer satisfaction, and we aim for continuous improvement and innovation. 

Exporting tannins to customers on five continents

NTE delivers products globally to a wide range of industries and sectors. Our reputation is built on delivering outstanding technical support and a service commitment that has built business relationships that have endured for decades. If you have a challenge that natural tannins might solve, speak to us and find out how we can help you.

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Always innovating

Mimosa ME is our original wattle-tannin powder and, along with Elephant Solid, has been an industry staple for vegetable leather-tanning and retanning. Mimosa has been making beautiful shoes, belts, saddles, and harnesses possible for over a century.

We have added a range of innovative Mimosa products to meet a variety of tanning needs, as well as the specialized Mimtan range, developed for tanning and retanning dynamic leathers, including those used for automotive upholstery.

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Committed to environmental stewardship

Our wattle trees are grown on a 8 to 10-year cycle, are fully sustainable, and are grown to high standards of environmental care. For each ton of bark used in tannin productions, farmers also harvest five tons of utilised timber. Wattle fixes nitrogen in the soil and can be grown repeatedly on the same site without a decline in yield. Our farmers use contour planting and other forest-management best-practices to protect the soil from erosion and to ensure that stream flow and water quality are not affected.

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Supporting the Wattled Crane conservation effort

The conservation of the Wattled Crane in South Africa is a vital endeavour to protect this iconic bird species. With only around 250 individuals left in the country, concerted efforts are underway to safeguard their habitat and breeding areas. NTE is proud to support conservation initiatives by the KZN Crane Foundation, which involve wetland restoration, anti-poaching measures, and community engagement to ensure the long-term survival of these magnificent birds in South Africa.