There's only one Mimosa

Since 1920, NTE has produced the world’s best selling wattle extract products

NTE Mimosa makes
beautiful leather possible

NTE Mimosa produces the world’s leading wattle extract for the tanning and retannage of leather. This natural extract enhances leather’s quality, durability and aesthetic appeal, and provides tanners with an unprecedented versatility to practice their craft.

By providing an eco-friendly tanning solution, NTE Mimosa supports the industry in producing superior, sustainable leather goods that meet the highest standards of craftsmanship and environmental responsibility.

Exported to
five continents

NTE Mimosa exports its world-leading tannin products to leather producers across five continents, supporting leather manufacturers in creating superior leather goods while achieving environmental responsibility targets.

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The simple bark extract with near unlimited potential

Since its discovery in the late 19th Century, the properties of mimosa have shown applications across a range of industries, delivering a more sustainable and ecologically friendly alternative to synthetic agents.

Take a look at the characteristics and specifications of Mimosa in detail in our guide:

The tannin behind beautiful handcrafted leather

NTE Mimosa is proud to support leather artisans in South Africa and beyond, ensuring a centuries-old craft is passed down through generations of leather craftsmen.