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NTE demonstrates the potential of sustainable practices and innovation to create powerful products for industry, while retaining a strong commitment to quality and environmental responsibility. As a global leader, NTE strives for excellence, offering high-quality products that service a diverse range of industrial needs.


NTE is a pioneering South African company at the forefront of tannin extraction and utilization. Nestled in the heart of the stunning landscapes of South Africa, NTE specialises in harnessing the natural power of wattle tannin. With a commitment to sustainability and innovation, NTE has carved a niche for itself as a trusted global supplier of high-quality wattle tannin products.


The Acacia Mearnsii is a wattle variety native to Australia. It was introduced to South Africa in 1880, where its potential for commercial forestry was first recognised. Established in 1920, The Natal Tanning Extract company, as it was then known, was formed in response to growing demand for tannins from the leather industry. Wattle tannin is renowned for its superior tanning properties, and NTE set out to pioneer sustainable extraction methods, positioning itself as a global leader in wattle tannin production.


NTE places a strong emphasis on responsible forestry practices, working closely with local communities, ensuring that the harvesting of wattle bark is done ethically and with minimal environmental impact. Through innovative extraction techniques, NTE maximizes the use of each wattle tree, minimizing waste and supporting reforestation efforts. These sustainable practices have not only earned NTE international recognition but also contribute to the preservation of South Africa’s rich natural heritage.

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NTE is owned by its 700 shareholder-growers


NTE’s commitment to quality and consistency is reflected in its diverse range of tannin products, catering to various industries such as leather tanning, animal nutrition, mining, and water treatment. The company has established itself as a reliable global supplier, meeting the stringent demands of clients worldwide. NTE’s state-of-the-art laboratories ensure that each batch of tannin extract meets the highest industry standards, guaranteeing purity, efficacy, and safety in every product.

NTE invests in cutting-edge technology to improve extraction processes, reduce environmental impact, and discover new applications for wattle tannin. NTE collaborates with academic institutions and industry partners, fostering a culture of innovation that drives progress not only within the company but also within the global tannin sector.

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